Crushed, but still standing

Well it was not the best day last tuesday. The broker told us that the seller wanted more money. We offered to pay what he asked and now he decided that he wants more. Well with us he overplayed his hand and we don’t want to do business with a person with dollar signs in his eyes.

Conclusion is that we did not get the plot we fell in love with. There is disappointment, there is anger, there is this empty feeling and most of all the feeling that our dream might be falling apart. It simply hurts.

We guess that it is part of the proces of emigration, but it sucks. We’ll get over it, but it sucks… big time…

Yesterday was one of the most rollercoaster-kinda-days of our life. We wanted to pick ourselves up right away and looked for alternatives. That is not as simple as you might think. South Africa is large, but we lost our heart in a specific part of it and we have certain ideas which are not everywhere possible. Think of the amount of hectares, think of our dogs and cats, think of the kind of landscape, think of Kruger. Well it is a whole list.

We did found several alternatives, but we could shoot them all at the end of the afternoon because in one area we couldn’t bring our cats, in another we couldn’t bring pets at all, in the next we could live between semi-wildlife. That left us with Grietjie as only realistic option, but it is way to expensive for us at the moment to buy a house there.

We really like Grietjie, because we have been there and it is just a wonderful place to be. It would be an amazing place to live.What to do next. Well we can’t tell anything about it just yet, but of course we are cooking up something. When we know more we will let you know. After these horrible days we are still standing and we are not giving up on the dream!

Wiebe & Melanie