Xongile Lodges sleeps a maximum of ten guests in five separate rooms with a view on the mighty Crocodile River, straight into the Kruger National Park. Almost everday wildlife pays the lodge a visit by crossing the river or walking along the banks. Birds are often in abundance. Perfect to enjoy the wildlife in the comfort of the lodge.

Xongile Lodge is ideal for couples, solo travelers and groups who are fine with separated rooms. It is a well-priced option to stay right on the edge of the Kruger National Park.

The set up of the rooms is comparable, but each room is decorated to honor a specific animal. The lodge is furnished and decorated in a comfortable and relaxing African style with lots of attention for wildlife. The rooms on the first floor have a little private area while the rooms on the second floor have private balconies all with a view on the river and the park. Both have seats in and outside. All rooms are airconditioned and have electricity.

The rooms differ in price which is directly related to the best view and the most privacy.

'Impalas are especially well adapted to the Lowveld. Think about camouflage, incredible senses, being a mixed feeder, associating with other animal species and even in there selfcare, but the most impressive is how they can switch flawlessly from living in grassland to woodland and vice versa. Don't underestimate this gorgeous antelope.'

'Cape Buffalos are very brave animals. They are known for their feisty and sometimes even unpredictable behavior. Everything to keep themselves and their herd safe. Even from a very young age they know how to increase their surviving chances. Buffalo are able to stand their ground agains apex predators. There are sightings known where they herd as a whole came to the rescue of a herd member in trouble. Even at an old age they continue to be brave while roaming around alone or in small groups. Don't mess with the brave Cape Buffalo is the message.'

'The Warthog is a wise animal which in many aspects of life. They live in groups and are silent to avoid predators. If needed they have a secret wapon to defend themselves with hidden tusks in the mouth. Also when it comes to feeding these animals are particulairy wise. Their heads can function as a shovel with find more nutricius food and when there is a shortage of minirals they are able to eat faeces and chew on bones and soil. Everything for a healthy life.'

'The African Elephant is a very intelligent mammal. It is known they learn constantly through experience and they have a very good memory. As highly social animals their interaction with each other is very important and sophisticated. Some say that Elephants are destructive, but by pushing over trees and eating alot of vegetation they sculp the enviroment which lead to positive ecological changes. The matriarch is the leading lady and she uses her wisdom to lead the herd. She passes this information on to her, often, oldest daughter who will be the matriarch once she is gone. It is believed that Elephants grieve Elephants that passed away.'

'The African Lion is on top of the foodchain with even other predators below it. With a leading position and great power comes great responsibility. Although a lion will not pass on an easy meal that is just walking by, a lion does not kill prey animals when it is not necessary, only when it needs to feed to survive. It is an impressive animal which helds a territory. A true leader is never alone and an territory is protected by several males in a coalition. The safest way to let others know a territory is taking is vocally: their overwhelming and beautiful roar. It reaches many kilometers. It is often heard in the lodge.'

Xongile Lodge

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