Xongile Lodge

We warmly welcome you to Xongile Lodge.

We would like to introduce Xongile, the lodge and ourselves to you. On this page you can also find where the lodge is located. Finally, we share a number of tips so you can plan your stay at Xongile Lodge in the best possible way and you can choose the most suitable time in the year.



Xongile means exceptionally beautiful. When we came across this name, we immediately knew that it had to be the name for our lodge.

Location & Directions

Find out where Xongile Lodge is located and how to get there the easiest from various destinations.

Best Time To Visit

South Africa throughout the year suitable for a visit, but every month has its specialty.

An overview of all menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Complete your holiday checklist with these tips so you are well prepared for your stay and you can enjoy your safari to the fullest.

We would like to introduce ourselves and tell you about our background and reason to establish Xongile Lodge.

Xongile Lodge

Absorb the Exquisiteness of Nature