The lowveld of South Africa has a great wealth in the form of nature. In fact, it is thé place on earth where most mammal species can be found in one place. Many people think of mammals when they talk about animals, but the lowveld also contains a lot of birds, reptiles, amphibians and smaller animals (but bigger in number classes), such as arachnids, athropods, insects and molluscs. In addition to the fauna, the lowveld also offers beautiful flora like trees. flowers and grasses.

There are wonderful books per specific class with all the information you could wish for, but nowhere is there a single overview of all the flora and fauna in the Kruger National Park. Hence our own encyclopedia: the Xongi-Pedia. One website on which you have an overview of all the flora and fauna that can be found in the lowveld, so you know what to expect when you stay at Xongile Lodge. It is a way to prepare for your trip to South Africa and it is a way to enjoy all the wonderfulness after your trip.

The website shows the photos, the names and a nice fact per organism, but there is so much more to tell.

For each night you stay at Xongile Lodge, you will receive a selection of inlays of your choice as a gift to compose your own Xongi-Pedia.




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