The exact location of Xongile Lodge is still unknown. We have to wait to buy a property, because of our visa. However we know that we want to settle in the Malelane - Komatipoort Area. Both villages have their pro's and con's and we think they are both very suitable for our lodge. It will really depend on the properties that are available when the time comes to buy to settle which village it is going to be.

We are huge animal lovers and in the Netherlands there is not that much wildlife so we have pets. They are all coming with us, because we made a commitment with them for a happy, comfy, care-free life. This makes that we have to live outside of Kruger the first couple of years. So we have a multi-annual plan.

First things first and that is emigrating to South Africa. When we know more about the exact location you will find it here. When the time comes you can also find here the description how to get the us from various directions.

Xongile Lodge

Ontdek nu zelf het Laagveld van Zuid Afrika