We warmly welcome you to Xongile Lodge.

Xongile means ‘exceptionally beautiful’ in Xitsonga. The lodge is located in Malelane on the banks of the Crocodile River and has a direct view on the Kruger Park, allowing you to fully enjoy all the beauty that South African nature has to offer at any time of the day. Be awakened by the impressive sounds of the hippos, let yourself be overwhelmed during the day by the hunting techniques of the fish-eagle and fall asleep to the roaring of the lions. Within the lodge attention is paid to nature conservation and awareness. Nothing is more powerful than experiencing for yourself how beautiful and impressive the world is.

Beside the fact that you can absorb all impressions from the lodge, you are within 10 minutes of the gate to Kruger National Park where you can go on safari in your own car or go with one of our professional guides and be overwhelmed by their knowledge about the South African Lowveld.

Kruger National Park features the world-famous Big Five (the African Elephant, the African Lion, the African Leopard, the Cape Buffalo and the Black Rhinoceros). However, there is so much more to discover, such as the Cheetah, African Wild Dogs and Giraffes, to name a few mammals. In addition, admirers of birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects can indulge themselves here too. Without flora, no fauna, so also those interested in trees, plants, flowers and grasses will certainly be satisfied.

Xongile Lodge is small, which makes it personal and involved. This means that you as guest can experience the ultimate safari experience.



Xongile Lodge consists of five luxury double rooms, each with a view on the Crocodile River and Kruger National Park. The spacious design makes sure that you can enjoy a true safari experience from your room at any time of the day.


The rates of the rooms are per night per room with a maximum of two persons per room. This way you immediately know what you can expect.


There are several activities available both in and around the lodge and in the region, including guided or self-driving game drives in the Kruger National Park, bird watching, swimming, fitness and golf.


The wildlife that has been seen at Xongile Lodge last week.


The encyclopedia of flora and fauna that can be found around Xongile Lodge.

Blue Wildebeest

Both sexes have the characeristic horns.

Leopard Tortoise

Leopard tortoises are herbivorous; their diet consists of a wide variety of plants including forbs, thistles, grasses, and succulents.

Eastern Olive Toad

They are cryptically coloured to help them blend into their terrestrial habitat.

Wandering Glider

The males have reddish yellow abdomen marked with black and the females do not have any red parts.

African Social Spider

Males have a shorter lifespan compared to females.

Giant African Millipede

It protects itself by curling into a tight roll or to secret an irritating liquid from pores on their body.

African Giant Snail

They can grow up to 20 cm long.

Leafy-flowered Morning Glory

It is a climbing plant.

Weeping Boerbean

The flowers are rich deep red.


Bushbuck are found in a wide range of habitats, such as rain forests, forests, savanna, bushveld and woodland.

Rattling Cisticola

Its call is described as: chee-chee chichi-chirrrrr.

Xongile Lodge

Absorb the Exquisiteness of Nature