Xongi-Tings is an aggregation of Xongile and the word Sightings. Here we keep track each week what kind of wildlife we have seen from the lodge or during game drives in the Kruger National Park.

For you

More than 2000 different animals can be found in the Kruger National Park. To keep track of which animals you have seen during your stay at Xongile Lodge, you will receive a copy of the paper version of Xongi-Tings as a gift. This is a handy booklet made from natural materials that you can take with you when you go on a game drive or while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the lodge to record which animals you have spotted and which animals you would like see.

Our Xongi-Tings

We also keep track of our sightings in the Xongi-Tings. Every week we will let you know which animals we see. From big famous animals to the small creepy crawlies that many have never even heard of. This way you can enjoy all the beauty that the lowveld has to offer wherever you are in the world.

Xongi-Tings now

Because we do not live and work in South Africa yet, but still would like to show you how the Xongi-Tings work, we will keep track of which animals we spotted on SafariLive, on the Djuma Damcam, at Africam and on Allen Birdcam.

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