What is the first step?

We would like to start this blog with our thanks to all of you who support us in following our dreams. We had so many lovely responses and we are overjoyed that we can finally discuss our big dreams with all of you!

Oke, so we were still in the Greek restaurant and after Melanie was out of shock we checked out some houses in South Africa. The first one we will never forget, it was an amazing African Safari style house in Marloth Park and the street was called Seekoeiroad. That is simply the best name ever, admit it ;). We fell for this type of house. It is something you can’t find here in the Netherlands. That means if we want to live in our dreamhouse we have to move out of the Netherlands.

But where do you start? The Netherlands is pretty small, provided that there are no traffic jams (which usually never happens),  you can cross it from north to south in a maximum of four hours. South Africa on the other hand is enormeous and we only saw three provinces. We searched for information about the other provinces, but one by one they were ticked off: too crowded, too dry, too traditional or too far away from the reserves. That left us with Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Still a very large area, but it was a start.

We figured that if you want to move to another country it is not just knocking on their door and ask if you can live there. In South Africa that is indeed the case. There are many different visa, but one thing is constantly the same: you need money, a lot! Well that is interesting, because we just had a wedding, a honeymoon, tuition and the start of Wiebes firm. However, if we want something we make it work and so far so good!

Wiebe & Melanie