Why leave? Reason #1: Freedom

People ask us all the time why we want to emigrate? And why South Africa? Most people think that it is a privilige to live in the Netherlands and a lot of people think that living in an African country is equal to: poverty, lots of dust, war and corruption. Well both assumptions are not completely wrong, but they are far from complete. Every emigration is based on certain pull and push factors. That is why we start a series on our blog to explain to you our 21 (main) reasons to move from the Netherlands to South Africa. It is not to trash the Netherlands and make South Africa sound like heaven, but our genuine reasons.

To start with: freedom! We long for freedom. Freedom is not just a word with one explanation. Freedom can be something else for every individual. For us it means that we can get away from the steady pattern and away from all the paved roads (in life). Life can be so exciting, but life in the Netherlands feels to us as a puzzle that is already laid out. Right now we know exactly when or what we are going to do tonight, tormorrow, next week, next month and even next year. Because every day is kind of the same. This pattern might feel save for some people, but it freaks us out. We want the chance to explore life to the fullest. Well and that is exactly what we are going to do. We literally want to be free to do whatever we feel like. Sounds dreamy or idealistic? Well it is possible, just think outside the box! This way of life is simply not possible in the Netherlands. That is our first reason why we want to emigrate.

Wiebe & Melanie