Why leave? Reason #10: Space

This is going to be a very short post 🙂

We are going to have so much space, it is ridiculous!

Right now we have a nice house which is +/- 75 m2 and we have a ‘garden’ which is like +/- 8 m2 and a roofterrace which is the same size. It is fine, but we miss a real decent garden very much. Even a garden in the Netherlands would satisfy our needs with regard to being more outside.

Our place in South Africa will be between 1 and hunderd(s) ha. For the ones who are thinking, that is nice but how big is it? Well 1 ha is comparable to a soccerfield. Think of the possibilities! When we look at our garden now we are a bit unhappy, but when we think of all the space we are going to get it completely makes up for it!

But not only the space in our house is a huge improvement. The surrounding area is enormous, it is wide, open and it gives the feeling of true liberty.

Why leave? Well it is simply not possible, financially, to buy a few hectares in the Netherlands to build your own house.

Wiebe & Melanie