Why leave? Reason #11: Our dream house

Doesn’t everybody sometimes dream to build their dream house? Like a game of The Sims? Well we certainly do and now we have the chance to do so.

Building a house in the Netherlands is also possible, but it is in most cases super expensive and if it is possible you shouldn’t mind that your neighbours are real close. In combination with all the other reasons it is for us a better idea to build our own house in South Africa.

Do we know what we want? Yes! We have multiple drawings and we even put it in an architectual program to make our ideas completely clear for ourselves. If we have the opportunity, we do it good. We want a spacious house with lots and lots of large windows. We want a livingroom with glass doors which you can open so the living room is connected to our deck. We can’t wait to have an actual kitchen (with cooking island!) and we both would love to have our own studies. Large (bed)rooms with an en suite bathroom and a nice view from the bed. This might sound a bit boring but Melanie is really missing a laudryroom. All the laudrystuff away from the bedroom, sounds great to us. Plus some storage space. We also want a main building with our reception, kitchen for the guests, dining area, library and gym. Downstairs we want a big deck and garden for our guests to enjoy with a pool and a bar. Upstairs the same idea as our own house with a small deck for a better view. (We are so glad that we don’t have any specific wishes 😉 ).

Our first idea was to buy vacant land to start with our dream project right away. However there are some difficulties like building overthere when we are still here in the Netherlands and the rules for our visa. We are now looking for a house that is ready to move in and start our lodge. In time we can make changes to make it our dream lodge or built our dream lodge while we live already there which makes it much easier.

Wiebe & Melanie