Why leave? Reason #12: Climate

Even if you love the Netherlands there is no way of denying that the Dutch climate is not the best. The great thing is we do have four real seasons. Each with their own specifics. However it is not uncommon that the summers are full of rain and the last time we had the ‘Elfstedentocht’ is ages ago…

There are people who think 20 degrees Celcius is perfect. We think it is still a bit chilly. There are people who think it is way to hot when the temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celcius and that’s when we feel completely comfortable.

There is not a right or wrong when it comes down to temperature, however we obviously prefer warmer days above cold and wet days. The South African climate and more specific the subtropical climate is perfect for us. To make it even better the humidity is different which makes warm days not as oppressive.

There are officially four seaons in South Africa, but it comes down to a summer and a winter time. The summer is the rainy season. It is hot (+/- 30 degrees Celcius) and it rains now and then. In the winter it is a bit colder (+/- 24 degrees Celcius), but it is dry, because it is the dry season.

Is this our main reason to go? No. If all the other reasons led us to say for example Finland we would have gone to Finland. Thankfully all the other reasons led us to a warm country. It is a very nice bonus in our opinion. Some people say well good weather will bore you at a certain point, we don’t believe that. Let’s talk in a couple of years and see if we got bored :).

Wiebe & Melanie