Why leave? Reason #13 Political correctness

The Netherlands is a developed country which earned its credits. If you take a look at all the various lists and top 10’s and top 100’s the Dutch people are the most happy, most wealthy, most… well everything! If you live in the Netherlands you have everything you could possibily wish for.

At least, that is what the lists, the goverment and ‘society’ tell you. To achieve those great results the Netherlands have to be always (and always) the best in class. No problem is to big for us and we can handle everything. It is important how others see us as a country and as individuals. We are so civilized, successful and still humble.

Of course there are super happy people in the Netherlands and there are enormous wealthy people. There are Dutch citizens who litteraly have everything and couldn’t wish for anything more. And some problems we handle pretty well.


That does not count for everyone and for every problematic situation. Sometimes it is just right to admit you need help, ask for help and acknowlodge that there is an issue. Think about people who live below the poverty line, about terrorism threats, about long waitinglists in (mental) healthcare, about handeling the MH17 issue, about the refugees, about care for elderly people. For other countries we cover that up and make sure that they understand that we have everything under control and to prove that statement: we are the first in line to offer more money to Greece.

Are others countries, South Africa for instance, better? Of course not. Every country has their own issues. Some major, some minor. But it is the attitude and the will to show others how amazing we are that bugs us. Is it ’the’ reason to leave? No, but we won’t miss it for a second.

Wiebe & Melanie

This video shows exactly what we mean.