Why leave? Reason # 14: Complaining

In this series we try to explain what we like more about South Africa compared to the Netherlands. Which you might see as complaining, but is it complaining when you explain why something else suits you better?

The complaining we refer to is the (stereo)typical complaining that the Dutch mastered. It sounds even a bit funny, but here comes our complaint: it is super annoying. When there are Dutch around there is always someone who complains about something. It is like nothing is ever good enough. Searching for a solution is a possiblity and we do that one out of ten times. The other nine times we just ‘like’ to complain.

Don’t they complain in South Africa? That is just a fantasy, however our neighbours will live pretty far away so we won’t hear them complaining. Plus it is very very hard to complain when you are living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. However there always will be that one (Dutch? 😉 ) guest who complains about a (beautiful!) large bug, a (amazing) hairy spider or a (magistic) loud lion ;).

There is someone who said:’maybe the Dutch complain so much, because they don’t have lifethreathing issues on a day to day basis and therefore they have the time to think about the details which expresses itself in complaining’. Well maybe that is true. We don’t have to worry about water, electricity, food and safety. We never stated that the Netherlands isn’t a good country, it is great, but the complaining is still annoying ;).

Wiebe & Melanie