Why leave? Reason #15: Adventure

Another reason to emigrate is because we want to do something with our lives and go on an adventure. It is completely fine if you live life the way it is expected from you, if you are happy with that. We feel like that is not our path. We want to explore the world and live our lives to the fullest. For us it means being surrounded by nature every day. Live life more simply. Learn a new language. Meet lots and lots of new people. Make an effort for something you stand for. And find a way of living that suits you.

South Africa got everything that is necessary for us to explore the world a bit more, but most of all ourselves. We want to grow and learn about ourselves, others and the world. The world has so much more to offer than the things we already know.

Some people want to know what is going to happen and they want to be prepared. We like the part of not knowing. The surprise of every new day with new experiences. We can’t wait.

Wiebe & Melanie