Why leave? Reason #17: Are Dutch lives worth more?

This might sound ridiculous. To us it is ridiculous and super annoying. We refer to all the news of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, flight delays, road accidents, robberies, murders, wars etc. etc.

Every time (which is almost every day) they say: there are or aren’t Dutch people involved. Completely ignoring all the other victims like they don’t even matter. It has something to do with newsworth and because if Dutch are involved it brings the news closer to the (Dutch) public. That is clear.

What makes us so annoyed can be clearified with the following two examples.

Recently there was a terrorist attack in Barcelona. Which is shocking and awful news. You don’t want anybody to be involved. Unfortunately there were people hurt and some even died that horrible day. That is newsworthy because it is in Europe and we live in times where terrorist attacks are a hot topic. The first thing they say on the news: there are no Dutch people killed. There were 14 people from different nationalities killed and they are not mentioned until after they said that a Dutch girl was injured. This is a horrible and traumatic experience for this individual there is no question about it. They followed her, mentioned when she got back in the Netherlands safe and sound. That is great news, for her, but what about mentioning the deaths or the other 120 injured people? Is one Dutch girl more important than all the others who suffered that day? The news finished with: there were Belgiums involved. What? Like second best? We are highy irritated by this, because they make it seem like it is worse for the ones who are Dutch while others suffered more.

Another example is about the fact that some issues around the globe only get attention because a Dutch person was involved. A half year ago a Dutch farmer was murdered in South Africa. It was a horrible story and very tragic and of course it shouldn’t have happened. It is a big issue in South Africa where white farmers are murdered. You think that there is anything mentioned on the Dutch news? We mean, there is a connection between South Africa and the Netherlands, but no. The Dutch farmer was killed and they brought it like he was the very first. That there is a much bigger issue behind this single murder? Nobody cares. That are times that we feel like the Dutch (media) are ignoring the topics that are really newsworthy.

We think that everybody is equal and that an event shouldn’t get (more) attention because Dutch are involved. It feels wrong and it keeps us small. There is so much in the world going on and we can learn from it, but the media won’t let us. That’s where you can do your own research. However we can’t wait to live in South Africa and not hear all the time how great and important the Dutch apparently are.

Wiebe & Melanie