Why leave? Reason #18: Threat of terrorism

When we were for the very first time in South Africa and more specific in the lower bush during our honeymoon we realized it was so nice and quiet. In the bush there is plenty of time when you don’t see another person, just nature. In the towns around it there are people, but not that much either. It was when we realized that this is a place that is so not likely to be attacked by terrotists. There are simply not enough people. This gave us a very safe feeling.  

In the last couple of years there have been many terrorist attacks in Europe. In Belgium, Sweden, UK, France, Germany and Spain. It is not a question if the Netherlands will have to face such tragidy, but when. That is a frightning feeling. Of course we live our lives like we did before, but when you come in place with many people like: stations, theaters, large cities, busy streets, concerts etc, we do feel a bit uncomfortable. To not feel safe is an attack on your most basic needs. The thing is: you can’t prepare. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time… well…

In Hilversum, where we live, we have most of the media altogether in one part of the city: Media Park. It makes Hilversum vulnerable. In the last two years we had two times that we thought the time was there. However the ones that did it were not terrorists but confused men. (Just a quick question: why is a terrorist a muslim who threathens people and why is a white man that threathens people a confused man?). Nothing happened so far, but we don’t believe that ’they’ spare the Dutch and that means that it is waiting for something horrible to happen.

In the recent years there has not been an terrorist attack in South Africa. However they are also prepared for a possible attack, because you never know. However it is very unlikely that they pick a teeny tiny village like the one we are going to live in.

For us is being safe very valuable. Times when you can worry about smaller things like if an elephant broke your fence again or if you can drive through the riverbed without getting stuck. Not thoughts of being in the wrong place where someone wants to blow you up or drive you over with a truck.

Wiebe & Melanie