Why leave? Reason #19: Health

Warmth and sunlight are two things we love so much. We are not per se the typical sunbathing types, but when the sun is shining we become instant happy and so much more relax.

Wiebe is having some issues with his back, but when we are in South Africa the warmth helps him and he doesn’t feel pain anymore. When the weather gets cold he immediately notice it in his back. How wonderful would it be to get rid of this pain by just being in a warmer environment?

There are also other benefits of the sun and warm weather:
1. Lots of vitamin D
2. It leads to relaxation
3. Back to your natural biological clock
4. Good for teeth and bones
5. Increased resistance
6. Prevention of hypertension
7. Muscles strengthen more easily
8. Brain function improves
9. Improves mood
And we are going to have a way more active lifestyle overthere which is always a good thing.

Why can’t we enjoy the sun in the Netherlands? You are very brave to ask this question 😉

Some people have the opinion we just had a wonderful summer. They mean: there were not really hot days (because they don’t like those kind of days). Well, it was not cold, but that doesn’t make it summer to us. In november we went to South Africa again. This time for a real holiday. November is South Africa’s spring and we really enjoyed the sun on our faces which restored our energy and relaxed us to the core.

Wiebe & Melanie