Why leave? Reason 20#: This would be it…

If we don’t go through with this emigration we will have to live this life till we retire. Sounds maybe crazy, because we like what we do, but then the question rises: Is this it?

The question excisting. What are we doing every day, where does it lead us? Shouldn’t we do something that leaves something for the earth after we are gone?

These questions are just supporting our feelings that makes that we know we should go and do something for the world in our own way. We want people to respect nature, because without it there is not much left to live for, for humans either. Even if we just reach a couple of people who can reach others and so on. It should be like a drop of water in a pond which makes the pretty wrinkles which grow and grow till they become something significant. That would be a reason that makes our lives worthwhile. We are just individuals, but even individuals can acomplish great things. You just need to want it.

Wiebe & Melanie