Why leave? Reason #21: Totally 100% and more in love with South Africa

The most important reason is our last: we are in love. Madly in love. Completely intoxicated with the love for South Africa.

We love every single thing about it. Of course the flora and fauna stole our hearts, but also the type of houses, the lifestyle, the people, the climate and the opportunities.

A few times in life we had a similar experience:
1. With each other
2. With our dogs
3. With our cats
4. With our car

Now you might think: What? Your car! Haha it looks a bit strange when we read it back, but it is true. At first Melanie didn’t want to buy a new car, but Wiebe showed her the one we bought in the end and we are still very pleased with it. Even Melanie is excited about it. It has everything that we would want in a car and every time we walk passed it or drive in it it feels like a confirmation that we made the right choice. We have this car now for a couple of years and to still be so happy with it every single day is quiet amazing.

We have the same thing with each other. We met and we knew that it was what we were both looking for (not at first, but after some time 😉 ). Look now, years later and we got married and we are going to emigrate together to the country we both love so much!

Our dogs and cats, even the ones that are not among us anymore, were all good choices made in a state of ultimate and unconditional love. They enrich our lives every single day with their very own and unique characteristics and behaviours. That is why they are all coming with us to experience this adventure. We promised them a life full of happiness and that is what they are going to get every day of their lives. Here or in South Africa, we stay together.

This is what South Africa feels like: the perfect choice for us. There are many reasons, small, big, but nothing is as strong as the feeling and voice inside that we belong there and that is why we are going. We are really going. We are going on the adventure of our lives and every day will be a confirmation of the right choice, because it was made out of ultimate and unconditional love.

Wiebe & Melanie