Why leave? Reason #4: Thirst for nature

Our fourth reason is a very obvious and simple one: we love nature! We love every little bit about it. It is a perfect balance between the harsh, raw and sad sides of nature and the gorgeous, wonderful and happy events. How incredible is it to see whole area’s untouched by man?

In the Netherlands we have nice spots. We love the heath near Hilversum and there is a road nearby (the Vreelandseweg) which runs through gorgeous waters. We love to go to the beach in Noordwijk and there are nice forests in the east of the Netherlands.

However, everything is planned, monitored and managed. It is a way of handeling nature, but it is much more beautiful when you just let nature do its thing. Landscapes you didn’t even dreamed of in your wildest dreams develop right in front of you. We haven’t even spoke about the wide range of trees, plants, flowers that will grow freely in such an area. With lots of flora you attract lots of animals. The animals that eat the vegetation will be eaten by predators and when the predators die they help the flora grow. It is litteraly the circle of life (no one can explain it better than Mufassa himself 🙂 ). However many people feel the urge to interfere for a hunderd thousand reasons: 1. it is sad 2. it is unfair 3. oh not that tree is growing on a place I don’t want it to 4. Ahhhh a wolf!! Just let everything happen they way it happens. Nature is so much more powerful than humans can ever be. Next time just take the time and enjoy it for once instead of panic.

Is South Africa one piece of untouched nature? Uh, no, definitely not, however there are gorgeous protected area’s where nature is as it should be and that is wonderful to experience. Plus we love the kind of nature in South Africa. Many countries have exceptionally beautiful area’s for example Zweden, Chili or New Zealand. It is the combination of all our reasons to choose for South Africa. We can’t wait to roll around in the riches of nature everyday!

Wiebe & Melanie