Why leave? Reason #6: A job is not the most important thing in life

Wiebe works as a lawyer. He has his own law firm. He has many interesting cases and victories. He finds it satisfying to help people with his legal knowlodge.

Melanie works as a psychologist. She works in a small practice which makes her happy. She helps people online with psychological problems and difficulties and finds it very satisfying to provide support to help these people back on their feet.

It is for both of us an important part of our lives. Every week contains 168 hours and at least 40 of them are spend on our jobs. We also both work as volunteers, we have a house to maintain and we need some sleep as well. That means that there is not that much spare time.

Work is important because it means income, but it also gives satisfaction and mental stimulation. However we think that a job shouldn’t be the only thing that discribes you as an individual. There is so much more to a person than just his or her job. However when we introduce ourselfs we say: This is my name and I do this and that for a living. We think that there is more to people.

We think that there is more to us than just our job. A person becomes that person because of dreams, aspirations and experiences. A job is just a part of that. We want to have the space to really be who we want to be and we want to be able to offer a place for people to find their true selves. So that is what we are going to do.

We are just so much more than just a lawyer and a psychologist. There is more room to be our true self in the bush of South Africa than here in the middle of the Netherlands.

Wiebe & Melanie